Your child's portrait history is captured in an exquisite 30 side 10x10  Leather album, imprinted with the "Once Upon A Lifetime" title and his or her name and birth date.  The album's introductory page features a handsomely designed "birth certificate" for recording vital birth information about your child to set an elegant visual tone for the portrait album that grows as your child grows.

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30 side 10x10 album/program

The album, which normally sells for $350.00, comes with 10  "gift certificates" that provide complimentary portrait  session fees to be used toward any of the family or children's  portrait sessions.  Each session has a $40.00 value.  These session fee savings alone will more than pay for your heirloom quality album.

What's more, our "ONCE UPON A LIFETIME  PRICE LIST" applies to any portraits that you choose for your album or that you order in gift sizes.  And special promotions (wall portraits, matting & framing, gift portraits, to name a few) are offered throughout the program, creating even more savings!

When you enroll your children in the "Once Upon a Lifetime" Program, you will enjoy peace of mind that your child's portrait history will be preserved.  Together, we will schedule the important milestones you wish to capture in your child's development, and we will notify you of special portrait opportunities as well as remind you of future scheduled appointments.  And you will have our assurance that should your family move to another city, we will refer you to a "Once Upon A Lifetime" studio that is qualified to complete your child's portrait history.




NEWBORN - We suggest making your child's first appointment as soon as possible! We have photographed babies just a few days old.  Your baby doesn't have to be smiling or alert.  What's more precious than a sleeping baby?  You will have so many opportunities for smiling portraits.  They're only this tiny for such a short time.

THREE - SIX MONTHS - Babies are fresh, new human beings.  Everything in their world is brand new.  When photographed with one or more parent or siblings, a portrait at this age will capture forever that fleeting time when family members are the center of your baby's intimate world.

NINE MONTHS - ONE YEAR - Many babies begin to strike out on their own.  Still dependant on their parents, but starting to walk and explore.

AROUND THE SECOND YEAR - A major milestone is achieved as your child begins to speak!

BETWEEN THE THIRD & FOURTH YEAR -  The cutest, most endearing age for "little" boys and girls.  With the ability to speak and reason growing stronger every day, these children now display individuality of character and action that should be portrayed before those baby teeth are lost and replaced by permanent ones... forever altering the endearing look of early childhood.

AROUND THE FIFTH YEAR - The first day of school,  your first bike plenty of opportunities to document this time. Starting ballet lessons or a sporting event. 

DURING THE SEVENTH YEAR - A developing mind reveals a more mature, inquiring outlook.  Now off to school and making their way in their world... portraits at this age can show the special interests that help define who they are.

AS THE TWELFTH YEAR PROGRESSES - Your child is about to enter the teenage years ... a kind of dress rehearsal for adulthood.  Capture their sense of style and expanding horizons.

BY SIXTEEN - Childhood is all but a memory.  Still a lifetime of growing and learning ahead ... but never again a child.  They anticipate the challenges of adulthood on the horizon!

And don't forget...  all of the other special individuals and events that shape your child's life -- parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, best friends, pets.  How about graduation from kindergarten, first little league game, first communion, the list is never ending.

Other Programs

20 page 7x7 album/program

This program is scaled down version of the above program.  With this program you receive a 20 page 7x7 Leather album and certificates for 5 portrait sessions. This program is designed to capture the first five years of your child's life.


At no time in your child's life will changes occur so rapidly.  In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny helpless bundle is transformed into an active, robust, inquisitive toddler.  Recording each of these stages will give you a delightful set of baby portraits to look back on for conciliation as you deal with "the terrible twos" (or terrible teens).  The baby panel is the perfect start for a collection of portraits showing the story of your child's growth.  We suggest having your baby photographed as a newborn, at six months and again at one year.  When the one year session is complete we will assemble the panel of three 5x7's with the poses you select along with your choice of selected frames.  All this is included in the program.  You will also have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits at special prices from each session.


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