photograph of familyImagine the love of a newborn cradled in a mother's arms, or a young boy fishing with his dad on a warm summer day.  These are the images we capture in our  portraiture.  A family portrait shows the love you have for your family and is a timeless reminder of the feelings you have for each other.

The portrait can reflect the lifestyle of you and your family whether it is a casual portrait at your cottage or on the front porch.  Or if you prefer a formal portrait then perhaps our studio would be the choice.

If you own any old family photographs you can surely appreciate their value. They become family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.  A family portrait gives a much more personal touch as a decorative element to a room than that of a painting or a wall mirror.

Our family sessions start with a free consultation where we will discuss clothingphotograph of family styles, locations, times and any special needs your family may require.  Don't worry if you don't know what you would like to do, that's part of the purpose of the consultation. Check out the family gallery page for some ideas.

Family sessions can be done at The Manor House either in the indoor studio for a more formal portrait or outside using our environmental sets. The lawns, gardens, or wooded areas are perfect for a more casual setting.  

Having a family reunion, or just all the kids home for the holidays?  This would be a perfect occasion for that family portrait you have been meaning to do. The portrait could be donphotograph of familye in your family room, the front porch, out back on the back of the creek, on your boat... anything is possible.     

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