Wall Portraits

Wall portraits are mounted on art board and sprayed with a protective finish. All wall portraits include your choice of a frame from our Deluxe Frame Collection.

24x30 - $300 20x24 - $230
16x20 - $170 11x14 - $135

Gift Portraits

8x10 OR 5x7 OR 4x5. You choose the sizes
Mix and match any way you wish!



5 prints $130 $145 N/A N/A
8 prints $175 $190 $205 N/A
12 prints $240 $255 $270 $285
16 prints $280 $295 $310 $325

Retouching for blemishes, scratches, facial lines included at no charge. Corrective artwork, glass glare, removal of braces, stray hairs, etc. are quoted per pose.

Yearbook photo included
free with any package

($40.00 If ordered without a package)


(when ordered with gift portrait package)

16 $30 $40 N/A N/A
32 $45 $57 N/A N/A
64 $65 $77 $89 $101
104 $90 $102 $114 $126

Have your name and year on your wallets in cool type!
$7.00 per pose


 TRADITIONAL FOIL STAMPING    (gold or silver)       .25/wallet



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  Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How do I place my order and how much money should I bring?

ANSWER: First, call us at 465-4848 and schedule an appointment to place your order.  One of our staff will assist you with your order during this appointment.  Once you have placed your order, we will total it and deduct your “proof deposit”.  At this time, you have the option of paying the balance in full or paying 50% of the Balance Due.  If you decide to pay the 50%, the balance is due when you pick up your order.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 30 DAYS!

QUESTION:  How do I get my yearbook photo to the school?

ANSWER:  You don't!  We will take care of everything.  You just choose the photo you want for the yearbook and we will see that it is made to the school's specs and delivered in time to meet the yearbook deadline

QUESTION: How long will it take?

ANSWER: It generally takes 3-4 weeks for finished orders.  For an additional charge, you may express your order.  We would have your order ready within 2 weeks!  Yearbook photos take priority and will always be delivered to the school in time for the yearbook deadlines!

QUESTION: Is retouching included and what does it do?

ANSWER: Standard Retouching is included at no charge on all poses ordered for Wall Portraits and Gift Portraits.  Retouching will remove blemishes , scars, moles (if desired) and dark circles under eyes.  It will also soften lines of the face. 

Standard Retouching will not correct glass glare, fix stray hairs, whiten teeth, remove stains or wrinkles from clothing.  Nor will it remove tan lines or give you the shave you should have done before your session.   These are all considered Corrective Art Work.  Additional charges apply for these circumstances.

QUESTION: Can I reorder prints at a later date?

ANSWER: You can order prints at any time.  However, the prices in the Senior Discount Price List are only guaranteed for 30 days after you place your order.  Reorder prices are higher!  Ordering now saves you money!

QUESTION: Can my braces be removed?

ANSWER: Braces can be removed!  However, this is the most difficult correction to make.  Occasionally, the results are not what you anticipate.  Most of our customers have been very pleased, but a few have not.  Due to the nature of these changes, we cannot guarantee results.

QUESTION: What does 5 Prints mean?

ANSWER: Under the Gift Portrait category, the quantity you choose is the total number of prints you will receive.  All Gift Portraits are the same price, regardless of the size.  If you choose 5 prints, you could select 5 - 8x10 prints.  Another example would be 2 - 8x10 prints and 3 - 5x7 prints

More poses does not mean more prints.  It simply means more poses to choose from.  If you choose 5 prints/2 poses, you will still receive a total of 5 prints.

QUESTION: Are frames included?

ANSWER: A frame is included with all Wall Portraits (11x14 and larger). All Wall Portraits are mounted on art board and sprayed with a protective finish. No glass is needed! You may choose any frame from our Deluxe Frame Collection.

QUESTION:  What if I don't need a Package?

ANSWER:  You do not have to order a package.  You can order Ala Carte Prints.    However, the yearbook photo is $40.00 if you don't order gift or wall portraits.

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