Booking Your Event at The Manor House

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Booking Questions
      • When should I reserve my date?

        Bookings are handled on a first come, first serve basis. We will only host one event per day at The Manor House. Saturdays between May and October fill up fast. Most events are booked at least one year in advance. Please call us at (315) 465-4848 to check  your date. We also host weddings on Friday evenings and Sundays.

      • Can I have my ceremony at The Manor House?

        Yes. Many of our Brides and Grooms choose to be married in our gardens. We feel our gardens are one of the most elegant gardens in the area and provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony. There is an additional fee of $250.00 to have your ceremony at The Manor House.

        This fee includes:

        • A Ceremony Rehearsal prior to the ceremony

        • Preparation of the ceremony area

        • Care, set-up and take down of rental chairs. Chair rental is the financial responsibility of the Bride and Groom.

        If the ceremony is held at The Manor House, ceremony chair rental is required for each guest. All ceremony chair rental will be handled through The Manor House.

      • How much are the deposits?

        When you book a wedding at The Manor House, you are dealing with two separate businesses. 

        * Creative Imaging owns and operates The Manor House.  We are  responsible for the property, set up of the ballroom & ceremony location, as well as the  photography. All bookings are handled through Creative Imaging.

        * Carnegie Catering is responsible for all food, beverage and linens for the reception.  They provide all of the staffing, including servers and bartenders.

        In order to secure your wedding date, deposits are required. You will need to provide two deposits.


        * The first payment is to Creative Imaging / The Manor House.  The payment is  $750.00 ~ the non-refundable $500.00 is applied to the use of The Manor House & your Photography Package.   The remaining  $250.00 is a security deposit.  Additional payments are outlined below under "Payment Schedule".

        * The second non-refundable payment to Carnegie Catering is $500.00.  This payment is applied directly to your catering bill.  Payment in full is required 10 days prior to the wedding date.


      • What is the payment schedule?

        CREATIVE IMAGING / THE MANOR HOUSE - The initial deposit of $500.00 is due at the signing of the contract. 50% of the balance is due three months prior to the wedding. The balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

        CARNEGIE CATERING   - The initial deposit of $500.00 is due at the signing of the contract. The balance is due 10 business days prior to the wedding.

      • Do you offer on-site lodging?

        No, however, there are several lodging options in Watertown.  If you are interested in a country bed and breakfast check out

    • Catering Questions
      • Do I need to provide a caterer?

        No.   We will provide you with menus and contact information from  Carnegie Catering  They provide a very diverse menu and can accommodate any reasonable request. They have been in business for many years and work all over New York State.

      • How long is the reception?

        All pricing is based on a four hour reception. This does not include the ceremony time. The reception typically begins with the cocktail hour. An additional hour of time may be purchased. However,  receptions are limited to a maximum of five hours.

      • What are the bar arrangements?

        The bar arrangements are handled through Carnegie Catering. They can provide anything from a cash bar to an open bar and everything in between. You may not provide your own alcohol nor bring any alcoholic beverages onto the premises.

      • Is the wedding cake included?

        The Wedding cake is not included in the prices from Carnegie Catering. They can provide a wedding cake for you for an additional fee, or you may provide your own from a local baker. See the wedding vendor links under general info on this site for some local wedding cake suppliers.

      • Who does the set up and clean up?

        This is the responsibility of The Manor House and Carnegie Catering. Your job for the day is to relax and enjoy your day. We do everything from take your guests' coats to load the wedding gifts in Dad's car. The set up of the room is determined by the number of guests. We generally use round tables that seat six to eight guests. We do require placed seating and it is the bride and groom's responsibility to provide us with seating cards.

      • What about linens and centerpieces?

        Standard linens in ivory  are include in the price. If you prefer chair covers or floor length linens, they are available for an additional fee. All linen rental is handled by Carnegie Catering.  Centerpieces are not included and are the responsibility of the Bride and Groom.

      • Who decorates the ball room?

        The ball room is very elegant and no additional decorating is required. Your centerpieces are the only decorations necessary. Additional decorating is optional.

      • Is the DJ included?

        We do not provide a DJ or band. That is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom. Please see wedding vendor links under general info on this site for names of some bands and DJ's who have been at The Manor House in the past.  Check out our Vendor Link for DJ Services.

    • Photography Questions
      • Is the photography included?

        A complete photography package is available. All photography is provided by Creative Imaging, fine photography.

      • What is included in the photography package?
        • Full photographic coverage of your wedding and reception
        • A proof book with contact sheets and ordering information
        • One DVD of your video slide show
        • A finished 10x10 leather bound album OR all of your digital files with a copyright release
      • May I bring my own photographer?

        We offer packages that include photography by Creative Imaging and packages that include just the use of The Manor House.  You are welcome to use a photographer other than Creative Imaging.

      • How many photos do you take?

        We don't work with any specific number of images. We will take many images - probably more than you can imagine. In a typical wedding there may be between 500-800 images taken. After editing, this typically results in 400-500 finished images. There are several factors that will determine how many images are taken. Some of these would be number of guests, hours of reception, different locations, etc.

      • Do you shoot digitally or with film?

        We are a completely digital studio and have been for several years. High end digital equipment can produce images that are superior to film in many ways. In addition, digital allows us to improve images in ways that were never possible with film. All prints, whether a reorder or an album print, are printed on photographic paper.

      • What length of time is provided?

        We don't work with a set number of hours. If the ceremony and reception are at The Manor House, all the photography will be done at The Manor House. If your ceremony is not at The Manor House, we will start at the location of the ceremony.

      • Are engagement and bridal session included?

        Engagement Sessions are an additional charge of $40.00.  The engagement session can be a simple studio session done to provide you with a photo for the announcement in the newspaper, or an outdoor setting on the grounds of The Manor House. We can also go to a location of your choice for these photos. Check out examples of Engagement Portraits here.

        Bridal Portraits are offered by Creative Imaging -  The session fee is $50.00  Bridal portraits are generally done a few weeks prior to the wedding and can include more than just the bride. You could include your bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearer and even the groom.

        All photos for the newspaper are provided at no additional charge.

      • Who will take the photos?

        Your wedding portraits will be taken by James Naklick , owner of Creative Imaging. We normally have an assistant photographer present at the wedding ceremony only.

      • How long before we can see the photos?

        Your proofing workbook and DVD are generally ready when you return from your honeymoon. If you choose to have your images on-line as well, they are often available for viewing within 72 hours of the wedding.

      • Who keeps the originals?

        All of the original files will remain the property of Creative Imaging, fine photography, unless you choose to purchase your files. Your files are safely archived in order to provide you with any additional reprints you may require in the future.

      • Do you shoot in color or black and white?

        All work is done in a digital format. Therefore, you can choose color or black and white. A properly prepared digital file can make a better black and white print than black and white film. There are many other options available.  You can have selective color, faded color, sepia, etc.

      • What about parent albums and reprints?

        We offer  different options for parent albums. They are not included with your photography package but can be added either when booking your wedding or after you have seen your images. We offer a discount on the albums when they are purchased at the time of booking. We will include several reprint forms to include with your proof workbook. If you choose to have your wedding images on-line, guests may purchase reprints directly from the web site.

      • Can all of our images be put on your web site?

        Yes. These images are usually on-line within 72 hours of the day of your wedding. If you choose this option, we will print cards to hand out on the day of the wedding to let your guests know about this service and how to find the web site.  There is an additional charge for this service.

      • Do you offer video?

        We do not offer video coverage. We can give you the names of some professional people that have worked at The Manor House.

    • Bride & Groom's Finished Album Questions
      • How many photos are included in the album & Who chooses the photos for the album?

        Our albums are not set up to include a pre-determined number or size of images. We include an album with 30 sides. Additional sides may be added.. You decide which prints are included on each page. Each album is created just for you.. There are no preset templates and each album can be customized to your specifications. No two albums will be the same. A side can hold one, two, three or many more images. The choice is yours. Once you have your proof workbook, you choose as many images as you wish for your finished album. We will then create a sample layout for your approval. Once a finished layout is decided upon, we will go ahead and make the album.

      • How long does it take for the album to be completed?

        That all depends on you. The first step of the album layout process is for you to provide us with a list of images you would like to have in the album. We encourage you to do this as soon as possible. Once you make the final approval on the layout, we will start laying out the pages. The next step is to order the photographs for the book. Once we receive those, we then forward them to the album company. We only use leather bound books and this step has to be completed by the manufacturer. This final step can take up to eight weeks. Due to our busy studio schedule, we are unable to work on wedding albums during our peak season. We work on albums on a first come first serve basis.

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