Manor House History

    The Story of This Pierrepont Home

    The construction of the Manor House was started in 1820 and completed in 1823 to become the home of William Constable Pierrepont.

    William was the eldest son of Hezekiah Pierrepont and Anna Constable. He was born October 3, 1803 in New York City. His vacations were spent traveling with his father visiting the agencies of his extensive tracts of land, in the northern part of New York State, know as Macomb's purchase.  This had been purchased from the state in the year 1737, the half of which had been owned by his maternal grandfather, William Constable, the partner of Alexander Macomb. The purchase, which was made in the name of Macomb, comprised the present counties of Franklin, St. Lawrence, Lewis, and part of Oswego

       When Mr Pierrepont came to live in this area, he first built what is now called the land office.  This was in the year 1820    This is the building located near the road at our driveway entrance. The building has since been donated to the village of Pierrepont Manor and now houses the Pierrepont Manor Improvement Club. Mr. Pierrepont lived in this building while the main house was constructed.  That process took three years. In 1830, William married Cornelia A. daughter of Dr. Benjamion Butler of New York.

     William continued to superintend and direct his father's land agents in the settlement  of  property embracing about 1,000,000 acres. On the death of his father in 1838, he  put in charge of the lands of the estate in Jefferson and Oswego counties. 

    They had two sons, both of whom died early, and five daughters. Mr. Pierrepont, along with both his sons are buried in the cemetery across the road from the Manor House. 

      After his father's death, in December, 1838 Mr. Pierrepont devoted himself to the improvement of the large tract he inherited. His accuracy in laying out and conveying land was fully recognized; his maps, even at the age of 76, were marvels of accuracy and exquisite finish; his proficiency in mathematics was illustrated by his study of the Great Pyramid; and the value of his calculations was acknowledged by Prof. Piazzi Smyth, the Astronomer Royal, with whom he corresponded.William Pierrepont died in 1885.

       His residence remained as a private house until it was purchased by Fred and Lois Langworthy in 1986.  They are responsible for remodeling the house and adding on the banquet room.  In 1989 they opened as the Pierrepont Inn, a restaurant, banquet facility and bed and breakfast. They closed the business within a few years and the property was purchased by the Ramada Corp. of Watertown.  They too ran the Inn as a restaurant and bed and breakfast for a short time until it was closed in 1995.  The property sat vacant for 5 years until it was purchased by Jim and Kathy Naklick in late 1999.  It is no longer a bed and breakfast or a restaurant.  It is operated now as a banquet facility and also home of Creative Imaging - a full time photography studio.

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